Free Shipping - United States • Europe • Canada • Mexico!
Q: Do you ship Overseas?
Yes, of course we ship overseas
We do it with ease
Q: How long will it take to get my order?
Please see our delivery policy here (link)
We know you’re more eager than a musketeer
Q: Can I return my mug?
Yes, but why would you want to
It’s way better than beef stew
But if you must
See our return policy  and we’ll discuss
Q: What can I put in the mug?
We prefer coffee
You can even put in toffee
Perhaps water from a hot spring
Pretty much anything
Q: Can I get a discount?
Sure, why not
Use “muggingtweets” to unlock the jackpot
Q: I want a tweet on a mug, but can’t find it on your website?
Contact via email
We’ll hook you up with all the detail